Why did we abandon the concept of apprenticeship?


Limbo: by Jan Mandijn

“Brothers and Sisters in learning, serve your masters well, for they freely yield their lives and secrets to you. This for nothing more than their wish to become eternal.”

Thus spoke Fred


Three years with three masters and a fourth year with many masters.

That is what Fred pledged himself to. And so he made the leap,

towards eternal creativity and the chasm was very wide.

His fingers grasped the palisade on the other side,

where he hung in pain for forty-eight moons.

Yea, oh yea, there were periods of joy,

and periods of discouragement.

Disciples, there were none;

although false ones,

appeared at times.


Creations of iron were the goals set for him by the masters.

Competency in enumeration and calculation was required.

Recognition and scribing of straightness, angularity and

curvature were abilities required. For these skills,

were the means of communications,


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