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The day started with my morning ablutions,

and then ‘moved’ to my regular constitutions,

which were followed by my daily resolutions,

to exercise and read more; such ingenuations!


I filled the coffee pot; to ensure percolations,

took all my vitamins and other medications,

selected an oatmeal; substance of variations,

“Raisin & Brown Sugar’; box top acclamations.


Donned my coat for my customary ambulations,

took an umbrella (due to weather considerations),

dodged a truck, a bike and other machinations,

saw a politician, a lawyer; are they variations?


Sat on a bench formed of wooden fragmentations,

watched the folks forming voluntary segregations,

here, the people in the midst of chess enthusiations,

there, folks enthralled with soap box exclamations.


Nearing noon, my stomach sounded such vibrations,

I knew it was time for lunch and potent potations,

a Manhattan I was craving (or any liquid libations),

and a friendly bar-keep offering jovial salutations.


The alcohol dulled my mind in major moderations,

‘Which way home?’; my immediate considerations,

‘No need to panic.’ said I between heart palpitations,

‘I’ll hail a taxi!’ were my thoughts and aspirations.


Arriving home I turned to TV with great expectations,

however, it was entirely political candidate falsifications,

no new ideas; my presentiments were all fulminations,

I knew we had no real choice; accept our destinations.


So I stayed home, not voting, nurturing my inclinations,

talking TV heads offering their brilliant miscalculations,

no a human could have foretold the resultant causations,

a winning write in vote; – – – “Eddie and the Temptations’