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Moi? An angel with anger issues?

Come now! You can’t really mean that;

or do you? That is quite unfair of you.

Why are you picking on me Mr. Writer?


It may be because of your deep-seated contempt;

contempt for everything and everyone

that you come in contact with, or even,

at spurious times, those you claim to love.


Wow! That’s a little heavy isn’t it?

Maybe you are the one hiding and

holding, those anger issues.

is it you who are so incensed?


That is just like you, Angry Angel,

point the finger at someone else,

just to get the pressure off yourself.

That is why I wanted to talk to you.


I think you have slighted me, dear friend,

I think that I choose not to discuss this,

any longer. Yes, I will be passive,

and you will not have anyone to argue with.


See? Right there – – – that is what I mean,

when your contempt is pointed out to you,

you retaliate with an over-abundance of spite,

cutting off your own mind, to spite your friends.


Oh? Do you wish me to make a retort,

so that you can prove your point?

I’ll not give you the opportunity to bait me,

with such ungracious temptations.


Is it ungracious for me,

to risk our friendship,

so that you may see yourself,

as other angels do?


I have always treated you with deference,

and this is what I get in return?

You claim friendship but I think,

you are pretentious, my good man.


See, right there,

you show contempt,

for a good friend,

anger triggers contempt.


I have no use for these insults.

I will listen to you no more.

Keep on talking if you so choose,

I choose not to listen any longer.


You are unjustified in your,

impudence – – – just like you are,

blind to your surliness and anger.

However, I will try once more.


TRY? You will try once more?

Try to do what? To insult me farther?

Try to belittle me once more?

Try to make me see my “errors?”


No, I will try to make you see,

that I speak as a friend,

try to speak with thoughtfulness,

with consideration and civility.


My impulse, at this very moment,

is for revenge. I feel vengeful inside.

You have made me lose respect for you,

I no longer consider you my friend!


I can accept that for what it is,

however, you can not stop me,

from remaining a friend to you,

and so I continue with tactfullness.


No more insults? No more brashness?

Are you putting away your sword,

the one you kill friends with?

You know they say it is double-edged?


I will do my best to continue,

with consideration and courtesy,

to respect you as a human being,

and a with the graciousness,

that you, a good friend, deserves.


Thank you for that.

I will do my best to see your point,

and if I appear angry; which I may,

just take a breather and continue on.


Excellent! – – – you are indeed,

a good friend, an angel amongst angels,

respectful for the sake of being cordial.

I thank you.