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jay-johnsonWe can’t overlook Jay Johnson. Jay was originally from Boston but the Adirondack Mountains and cool tannic colored streams were too much for him to resist. At the end of his first trip to the Adirondacks Jay went back to Boston and sold all his worldly possessions. He bought a gun, a fishing pole, a back-basket made of whipped willow and a ticket for a stagecoach ride to Burlington, Vermont. From there he sailed across Lake Champlain and landed in Port Kent, New York; just a short buckboard ride to his destination of Ausable Forks.

Jay found idyllic peace of mind on those cold Adirondack streams. The solitude there was far from the solitude of life in Boston where no one spoke to each other or made eye contact.

Everyone in Boston appeared to be an “island unto himself”; the opposite of what English poet John Donne had so clearly wished in 1624.