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The seventh member of the platoon was Doc Stanton. Doc was not his real name but no one could remember what it really was; that is – – if they ever knew. Doc would never answer the question of what his real name was.

But ‘Doc’ was an appropriate name for Stanton. He knew every wild plant and which ones were good for remedying any ailment. Doc also knew which plants made the best poultice and which ones to avoid.

And Doc knew about wars too.

He used to say “War can be compared to some poultice powders. It is so corrosive that after it has eaten away at the enemy it devours the government, rotting its bones. It penetrates to the very marrow of life. War, at first, repels the enemy; but if it is not stopped at that point it goes on to attack the country internally. And when it is left on its own it goes so far that it no longer has limits and cannot be stopped. It wishes to devour even more countries.”

Doc always carried a vial of mercury for those instances when nothing else would work on typhoid fever and parasites.