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How could we ignore Giulliame Pineaux? Guilliame was a native of France and it was his country that forced Brittan to go to war against the United States. It was a strange turn of events that led us to the Battle of Chateaugay.

Napoleon Bonaparte was dominating Europe and he was obtaining a lot of his supplies from the United States. That is why the British where blockading the ships of the United States. The British were keeping the ships from delivering the war materials that Napoleon needed.

But, look at me; I just went on another tangent. This is about Guilliame Pineaux and not about Napoleon Bonaparte.

Guilliame was a reader. He just loved to read anything he could get his hands on. He even read in between minor skirmishes. His backpack had several small books that he wasn’t going to leave behind.

I can’t speak of how well he read in English, most of his books were in French or German.