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karl_heinz-leibenmeyerI wished to put this man higher on the list but there were so many of them.

I am speaking of Karl-Heinz Liebenmeyer.

Karl-Heinz had a deep voice and a command presence like none I had ever met before. He was a tall muscular man; probably the result of the Viking Berserkers invasion and insemination of northern Europe.

Don’t let his serious look fool you. When he fought, he fought well.

When he played, he played hard.

Karl-Heinz could have been a commissioned officer if he so chose. But he chose fun and frolic in the taverns of – – – well – – – of wherever he hung his cloak.

All you had to do was to walk in any tavern and ask  if there had been a tall man standing on top of a table and singing a naught ditty, or telling a risqué joke.

The answer normally was “Oh, you mean Karl-Heinz, sure he was here, last time we saw him was two days ago, he had a strumpet hanging on his arm.”