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Those are the fifteen fellows who made up the departed souls of the Chateaugay Platoon. I will miss them. However you won’t. Not if you go up in the Adirondack Mountains and look around.


As I said, they wandered around the various rivers and stream beds that make up the Adirondack Mountains. Eventually each of them found a place to reside. I was going to say “rest” but none of them could rest; not without a proper burial. So, each of them wander around their ‘residence’ and ‘visit with’ the tourists from time to time. However, they all come out on or about “all souls day.”


Of course ‘all souls day’ varies for each of them. Therefore, their coming out party usually lasts anywhere from one day to three days; depending on the wishes of their ancestors.


I think we should define what their ancestors preferred – – –