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It is the only part of an old plow-share factory that remains.

You can find it at the base of the Chateaugay River near where the old stone bridge once crossed.





Micah, the plow-share builder, always enjoyed things that he could make with his own hands, and admired things that others had built; like this old stone bridge.


Therefore he was quite pleased that he found this particular spot where things had been constructed with man’s own hand – – – and the occasional team of oxen – – – or a water driven hammer mill that could form plow-shares.

What would he have done if there were no oxen and no plow-shares to be manufactured for the farmers of Franklin County?


Micah only appears on Halloween Night, and then if there are only a few people waiting for him. He never liked crowds.


The river bottom where the old bridge spans the water – – – and centuries – – – is a mysterious place on Halloween; and on nights when the clouds cross in front of the moon