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He has made a home for his wife and himself in an old barn near Brushton. She was the widow of a lumberman who got killed on a log-jam. Her husband was doing the hob-nailed jig on a bunch of logs when they let lose. She played the banjo while he danced the dance of death.



It is a wonder that the two of them, her and Ezekial Pratt, ever got together. Zeke was a quiet and peaceful kind of fellow. She, on the other hand, enjoyed a lot of people having a good time.


Old Zeke, he was a changed soul after he met her.


They play at the Halloween parties and after the logging is done. The strange pair often show themselves on nights of the full moon in Brushton.


Sometimes Zeke likes to wander through the old forests. Not that there are any trees there. Just a bunch of stumps now.


So Zeke gets a little cranky when he can’t find a single tree to lean up against while he plays his banjo. And the echo’s of the canon fire from the War of 1812 still ring through these treeless areas with no leaves, branches or trunks to dampen the sound.