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Dean ‘Lecturer’ Smith wandered aimlessly through the Adirondack Mountains searching for his correct ‘haunt.’ Smith trekked the Adirondack Mountains for 150 years before planting himself down; if that is what you would allow me to call it.


You see; he wanted to be the founder of an important university where he could become acting president.


He finally found a great area but ran into a small problem.


The best that Lecturer could get to haunt in an upstate university in NY was either Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York or the State University at Canton in Canton, New York.


But both universities had heard Lecturer doing his haunting thing. They decided to hold exorcist exercises excising Dean ‘Lecturer’ Smith out of their buildings. (Please excuse the excellent but excessive and effusive use of  ‘e’s.)

Complaints had been increasing; especially from the night students.


Lecturer found this building near Sugar Creek. It looked like a university to him so he set up several disturbing programs there. Although his university would not be in the Adirondack Mountains he was still pleased that it was located in the foothills of the Adirondacks.


It was a success for Lecturer; but discomforting for the locals in Sugar Creek.