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Yep, Old Doc Stanton found just the place, the tuberculosis hospital on Saranac Lake.


Dr. Trudeau had moved to the clean air of the Adirondack Mountains in order to appease his own severe case of tuberculosis. That was in 1873.


So, as you can see, Doc Stanton also had to spend a few years searching for his haunting place. He tried Chasm Falls but the noise of all that water churning down the cataract drowned out his best efforts. His moaning and screaming was to no avail. He gave it his all for twenty years but became disillusioned. Then Doc hit upon a brilliant idea; the deep forest.


He hiked up into the Santanoni Range, a number of great peaks in the Adirondack Mountains. No one had yet named it or its high mountains; Panther and Couchsachraga. So he had this entire open wilderness to himself.



There he was, from 1833 until 1873 scaring the hell out of the Abenaki natives. Of course there was a terrible argument going on between Doc and Wanakeena. Doc felt he had a job to do. However, Wanakeena saw no sense in having his people being frightened. They were totally unhappy about the mountain spirit and his apparent displeasure with them.


Wanakeena suggested to Doc that Trudeau’s hospital in Saranac may be a better place for Doc to ply his trade. That was when he moved his business to Doc Trudeau’s tuberculosis asylum.





Of course the tuberculosis patients had enough troubles of their own so Doc’s efforts didn’t seem to bother them that much.


There was one patient, Adelaide Crapsey, who, as she laid outstretched – – – with other tuberculosis patients – – – side by side by side by side – – – on every porch in Saranac, wrote poetry that challenged the ghosts of the dead to try and take her; she rebelled against them as she spoke to them in her desperation.

On the other hand, the families of the patients were quite concerned about all that melancholy commotion emanating from Doc Stanton. Especially during the holiday season.


So Doc agreed not to be so melancholy and noisy.