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There is only one way; we have to first find his nephew; Monsieur Professor LaPineaux. However, we have to search through a crowd of tourists.

You can just imagine the types of tourists that we get up here in the Adirondacks these days.

Professors, rich ladies, spinsters, a European hunter now and then, a few make believe fly fishermen (damn Isaac Walton had to go and write a book about it), tons of asthmatics, more than a smattering of loonies (my apologies to the loons who swim in our lakes) and one or two normal people.

One day Herr Jagger, the great hunter from Germany, was herding a bunch of tourists across the gangplank of a large steamboat sitting at the edge of Lake Champlain. A strange Frenchman button-holed him.

Now I know, from personal experience, that Herr Jagger does not appreciate anyone who grabs him by the button hole of his coat.

Here is where we get to meet Monsieur Professor LaPineaux, button-holer extraordinare, nephew of Giulliame Pineaux.

Monsieur Professor LaPineaux paid Herr Jagger handsomely for guidance to the Ausable River and chasm. Someone had told LaPineaux that it was a supreme spot to fish. So Jagger guided LaPineaux to the Ausable, got him a boat and some fishing gear. Then Herr Jagger left LaPineaux to his own misery in the middle of the Ausable Chasm.



And that is where his uncle Giulliame Pineaux  found him; stuck in between the two sides of a very narrow side chasm. Monsieur Professor LaPineaux had been dead for two days.

Of course Uncle Giulliame Pineaux felt no mercy for his dead nephew because Giulliame  himself had  already been dead for sixty years. The young professor had a lot to learn about haunting before he was ready to meet the next batch of tourists.

To this day both Giulliame and Professor, the last heirs to the Pineaux fortune, still remain in the Ausable Chasm. If you sit quietly on a moonlit night you can hear them calling to each other.

It is a very mournful experience. Giulliame Pineaux and his nephew sound like this:

So – – – if you are on a lake, or in the Ausable River and you hear that sound but do not see any loons; then you know that you have encounterd Guilliame Pineaux and his strange nephew Professor LaPineaux.