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There is often, a gathering of the clan; brothers who served their country and died as a result of it. Such are the brothers who then became members of the Chateaugay Platoon; brothers who did not have a proper burial.

What else could we expect of the souls and spirits but to wander around the Adirondack Mountains only to eventually settle into their own particular abodes or favorite places. But they had no one to boast to about their haunting places.

So they gathered together for a reunion and bragged to each other about where they lived and haunted.

Lieutenant Preserved –Fish MacAdam told about the beautiful house he had built in the Adirondack Mountains. He told everyone about the fresh mountain air that blew through his windows and the architectural style.

Preserved-Fish MacAdam said “It is so marvelous that tourists dropped by every day to take photos.”



Sergeant Zacharias Asher; not to be outdone, claims that the only reason people visit the Lieutenant’s mansion is because they wish to see where the Sergeant roams in this small valley; which is just “a hoot and a holler” up the trail and on the other side.


















Of course, according to Micah Ferris, neither of these two abodes compare to his combination living quarters and plow-share manufacturing building.

Ferris related “The walls are made of large stone that holds out the weather. And I have beautiful trees outside and an indoor garden that yields fresh air every day.”


It was only then when I noticed that Johua Crimmins and Ezekial Pratt were not at the gathering; so I asked Doc Stanton if they were coming.

Doc said “Sure; they are here already. I think they may have stepped outside for a ‘little sip.’ You know how Hiram Watt’s gets – – – now that he is a member of the congregation. Very forceful about his views on temperance.”

So I went outside and told them that the lieutenant, the sergeant and the plowshare maker were inside bragging about how big or beautiful or industrious their homes and businesses were.

They put the cork in their flasks, hid the flasks inside their jackets, and hurried back inside.