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 When everyone was inside the reunion hall Ezekial Pratt was already on the stage platform.

Ezekiel asked the previous three presenters if any of them has a pretty wife that helps them haunt.


Ashamedly, and looking at their feet, the Lieutenant, the Sergeant and the plow-share manufacturer responded “No.”


Zeke was prouder than a peacock proudly presenting his plumage while pursuing his peahen for purposes of personal yet prurient interest. He pulled a picture from his pants to present a photo of his spouses’ personage.

(Pardon the presumptuous pattern)



The other fourteen members of the Chateaugay Platoon moaned in unison.

Lecturer Smith decided that now was the time to spring an image of his new-found university on the other members of the platoon. He has hidden the rendering of his university under a bees-waxed water proof  coat made of canvas. The others thought that he had brought the cloak in case of rain; but no, he had brought it so that he could surprise everyone with his pride and joy.



There were ooo’s and ahhh’s once the rendering of the university was revealed. They all thought that Lecturer was full of haggis but once they saw his accomplishment they became believers.


Jay Johnson and John Brown showed up together. The other members were not pleased that an outsider was allowed in their re-union. Especially because they thought John Brown may have caused 600,000 deaths of Union and Rebel Civil War platoon members. Jay Johnson explained that those deaths were due to fate and not to John Brown. They finally accepted it, took a vote, and allowed John Brown to remain at the re-union. After all, he had been hung by the neck for what he had done. It was all water over the dam or under the bridge or spilt milk.

The bell could not be un-rung and the civil war could not be un-done.

John Brown then showed them a picture of the home he once lived in. He had been renting it from Gerrit Smith; the financier of John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry Arsenal.

It was not the mansion that they expected.

 John brown's rented house 2