Taconic Parkway on a Beautiful Winter Day


It appears quite demonic,

That parkway named Taconic,

Its hills sound so harmonic,

Bear Mountain can be Ionic,

Created by actions tectonic,

Before the dread bubonic,

But don’t get too laconic,

For it is very ironic,

That others are supersonic,

Their fuel – – – gin and tonic,

Driving while catatonic,

Self serving all-hedonic,

Brains very micronic,

Not so much platonic,

Their minds monophonic,

No turn signals telephonic,

Result in a crash, sardonic,

You are no longer pneumonic,

Pain appears to be chronic,

Hospital bills invertedly conic,

Lawyer voices synchronic,

Promises very symphonic,

Approaching diatonic,

Lung becoming bronchonic,

X-rays nicely photonic,

Doctors speaking mnemonic,

You desire weed hydroponic,

To abate muscles isotonic,

Cramping in the first harmonic,

Nurse applying acid propionic,

Keeping your legs fibronic,

Court case becomes ironic,

Defense says “He was Pharonic,”

“Self-imposing and histrionic,”

“Hogging the road Napolionic.”

I lost my suit, quite ironic,

My case being hegemonic,

My bank account now nucleonic,

And my logic all gnomonic.