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“We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.”

                                                                                    Charles Darwin


Hello monster; my old friend,

are you with me until the end?

Must I always fret and worry,

that you will exit me in a fury?

Leaving me to deal,

with your deeds, surely unworthy?



Won’t you stay beneath my bed,

so that nothing should I dread?

I know that you are there inside,

I imprisoned you with my pride.

Depart me old friend,

I sometimes feel, you can no longer hide.



If you are really mild and benign,

why under bed are you enshrined?

You claim to be weak and surely mild,

your image is attuned to evil and wild.

There are other beds,

and beings – – – wishing to be defiled.



Why did you choose my bed; old friend?

there are others, more suitable to tend.

I choose not to acknowledge you,

can’t you take suggestions or a clue?

other beds exist,

Your choices are many – – – not few.



I can see their names and faces,

On post office walls and other places.

They beg for your worry and ill credence,

They cherish your sins and malfeasance.

Forsake me, old friend,

Go assist them, make their allegiance.



I treat you poorly, as if you don’t exist,

your illusory presence will not be missed,

Why stay there in the dark and dust?

abandon and dispose of me if you must,

Friends we do not discard,

However, to you I am truly unjust.



Why hang around, under slat and mattress?

I no longer care for you, misguided and hapless.

Can’t you see I no longer want you as a friend?

I have more honorable activities to attend,

Run away, escape now,

Lest I assassinate you, do you comprehend?



If I depart this earth, I take you with me,

it will be the both of us; me and thee.

I hope that you are getting my drift,

this friendship will end; sure and swift.

depart my presence old friend,

leave me alone, we cannot co-exist.



And then my old friend disappeared,

he left not a bit of himself; as I had feared,

his memory can be seen, now and then,

he has taken up with more worthy men,

good riddance I say;

Goodbye old pal, my old evil friend.