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Our homes, as I have stated, were made of felt covered sticks. The shape was round and there was a round hoop at the top to let the smoke out of the home.



Because we are herders we often move our herds to greener pastures. Therefore our homes are movable. We do that by dismantling them and then reassembling them at the new pasture land. When this occurs, both the villages and the monasteries move with us. I will define the moving monasteries later.



You call these movable homes “Yurts.” We call them “Гэрт.”

Sometimes, when a khan’s very large Гэрт has to be moved it is easier to place it on a rollers and have the horses and camels pull it to the new location. When this occurs there are also great chests holding the khan’s belongings that also have to be moved. We do it with great joy because our khan is our protector and leader.




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