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You know – – – it is really easy to get upset with Jacob Abbott. He keeps on sticking other characters into the middle of my story.

But do you know who is even worse?

It is the idiot who is using Jacob Abbott’s words to write this blog. What an absolute dimwit! If I knew he was going to do this I would not have given him permission to write about me; for I am Genghis Khan – – – BEHOLD ME!

One more post like this and I am going to send a few of my men in the bloggers direction – – – astride a few of my best steeds – – – with their swords, bows and arrows.

Let’s see how he likes that!

On the other hand I do have to say that there is some sort of a connection between Nietzsche and my father. So I relent to the idiot blogster, who is putting words in my mouth, and continue on with my story.

I think Friedrich Nietzsche and my father, Yesonkai, would have been good friends if they ever met. Possibly they are good friends at this very moment and we don’t even know it. A shame of course.


So this is what Friedrich said about his enemies;


“How much reverence has a noble man for his enemies!—and such reverence is a bridge to love.—For he desires his enemy for himself, as his mark of distinction; he can endure no other enemy than one in whom there is nothing to despise and very much to honor!”


However; there I go again, hoping to tie my people to Nietzsche just like I tied them to Jacob Abbott, my first biographer (and the idiot writing this blog).

Cultures are so different – – – yet people are so much alike.




Back to me – – – thank you very much.



Tomorrow’s Post;  #10      Sugujin, the astrologer, and Karasher, his son.