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They continued to call me Temujin during my younger years. This was the same period of time that there was a very grand man that traveled with my father’s clan. He was an astrologer by the name of Sugujin. This astrologer told my father and mother that I would be a very strong warrior and would conquer the entire territory of the Tartars. “He will be the Khan of all Tartary” stated Sugujin. Of course my parents were pleased to hear this prediction.


Sugujin died an early death – – – and in his honor my father named Karasher, son of Sugujin, as my mentor, guardian and teacher. Karasher was assigned the task of ensuring that I would, indeed, meet the destiny that Sugujin had predicted for me; “Conqueror of the Tartary.”


Tomorrow’s Post;  #10      Karasher; my teacher, my mentor, my hero!