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My mother had the confidence of the chief officers of the army who had served under my father. These officers were specialists and had trained others in the art of war. They made plans for the delivery of needed supplies, the training of new horsemen and regulated the movements of the various clans.


I was to appear as the leader; the person who had the courage and morale to drive the others into battle. I did my job well. During the preparations for battle I rode my horse back and forth among the other chieftains. I was well prepared by Karasher. I galloped at full speed while shooting my arrows forward, backward, to the right and to the left; all arrows hitting the targets.




The chieftains of the other tribes were impressed with my skills as a warrior and decided that I should lead the raids against the tribes led by Taychot and Chamuka.


Thankfully I had a friend, about the same age as I. His name was Porgie and he was also the prince of a clan. Porgie was ready for the battle with Taychot and Chamuka. He was as earnest to join the fight as I; Tamujin.


Other clans joined us which made our orda thirty thousand strong.


Tomorrow’s Post;  #16      The bloody battle against Taychot and Chamuka