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My mother was also in the battle. However, she directed various squadrons here and there as they were needed.

Eventually we won the battle when the rebel Taychot was slain. The remaining rebel, Chamuka, fled the battlefield with the remnants of his horsemen while some retreated on foot. My scouts followed them and killed as many as possible. When there were no more to kill the scouts continued to harass the enemy for two more days to ensure that they had no intention of returning to the battle.



The battlefield was ours and we celebrated until the scouts returned. It was then when I was no longer recognized as a prince but rather as leader of all ordas and king of all within the Tartar domain. Brilliant robes were brought to me by various generals. Splended horses, sabers, bows, arrows, and personal ornaments were given to me.

As the new leader who was required to honor his men I distributed some of this treasure to those who were recognized as being exceptionally brave and loyal in battle.



Tomorrow’s Post;  #18      My new wife, Purta Kugin, and our daughter.