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Re-gifting was not the shame that you, of the current age, take it to be today. It was the honorable thing to do. It was a concept similar to honoring your noble enemy by naming a newborn after him.


Other tribes of the Tartar who had not joined either side of the battle came to my tent, yurt, or Гэрт, – – – whichever term is your preference – – –  to offer their allegiance. One even offered his sister in order to claim alliance with me.

I was now fourteen and therefore was allowed to take a second wife. Her name was Purta Kugin. She bore me a daughter within the year.


It was required that I go into battle the following year. Purta Kugin was once again expecting a child. I ensured that a full complement of protective troops stayed behind to protect Purta. However, a marauding orda from an enemy clan overcame my troops and carried Purta off as hostage.


Tomorrow’s Post;  #19      Introducing Vang Khan