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There was an old friend of my fathers who had not pledged allegiance to me. He was called Vang Khan and he was very old. The marauders offered Purta to him in order to ensure peace between him and they. The old man was pleased with this offer for two reasons. Purta was very pretty and it allowed him bragging rights to have my wife in his bed.


But even with this Vang Khan refused to take Purta Kugin as his wife. Vang Khan thought of me as his son. This was because he thought of me as his own when my father and he fought battles together. So Vang Khan gave Purta Kugin a place of honor and lodging within his clan. When I returned from battle I sent a message to Vang Khan requesting Purta to be returned to me. He complied. Purta, during this absence from me, gave birth to my son.

Purta’s  trip back to my yurt was not only rough but her accompanying protectors were likely to encounter marauding troops. Therefore, the trip would be fast and bumpy.

Purta wrapped the baby in a swaddling of dough so that his arms and legs would not be damaged during the journey. She carried him on her lap for the entire trip by horse.


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