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Not too long after the return of Puta and my son,  some of the sub-Khans who had pledged their clans to me appeared to be getting a little too ambitious. They started making trouble. I visited several of these leaders and spoke to their people. It was obvious that I needed to meet some of their demands. I collected a list of their needs and gave it serious consideration. I then returned to the various Khans promising to fulfill their needs. However, that was not enough. They now wanted more. Possibly they thought I had become weak and effete. It became obvious that they wished to depose me and split my territory between them.


I became discouraged. After all, I had been ruling quite honestly over these clans. It eventually came to me that perhaps I was too young to be ruling over such a spread of territory and people. The answer, for me, was to abdicate the Khan-ship and then retake my rightful place when I was more mature.


My mother devised a plan.



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