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My mother devised a plan


All this was worked out according to the plan. The Regent would be the ruling face over my generals, the Minister would be the administrator of all movement of goods and public decisions, and my mother held the real power due to her relationship to the Emir; who was assigned as Prince.


Vang Khan agreed to protect me while the plan was put in place and executed over several years. I, accompanied by 6,000 warriors, my mentor Karasher, several servants, a number of yurts, and various possessions made the trip to Vang Khan’s territory without incident.


Vang Khan’s territory was called Karakatay. It was inhabited by Tartars. The territory reached as far as northern China. Vang Khan’s given name was Togrul. However, for the sake of clarity I will from here on in refer to him by his title; Vang Khan.



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