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The wife of Mergus was enraged over the manner in which her husband had died. She formed a plan against her former lover who happened to be the man who had taken Mergus prisoner and then sent him to the Khan of Kurga. She openly blamed the Khan of Kurga for the manner in which Mergus had been murdered. Her real hatred was for this former lover who was named Nawr. She laid an open trap for him.


She sent word that she still had feelings for him and asked if they could meet in some predestined location. He agreed and showed up with a small support group. In order to not raise suspicions she also was accompanied by a small support group and a dowry of sorts. The dowry was apparently held in a series of casks for presentation to her lover.  A feast was held and a popular Tartar/Mongul alcoholic drink was served. Nawr’s men drank in excess while Mergus’ widow and her men took care to keep themselves sober. An armed soldier had been secreted in each one the supposed dowry casks. On a predetermined signal the soldiers burst out of their hiding places and killed Nawr’s soldiers.



Mergus’ widow took care of Nawr herself by plunging a dagger into his chest.

She then triumphantly returned home with her soldiers and dowry; her revenge had been completed.


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