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You can just imagine the confusion and angst between various clans. Duplicity and sedition were not the only means of survival. Loyalty also played a part.


In fact, it was my father Yezonkai who had given Vang Khan’s father safe passage and protection after Mergus had been slain. Vang Khan was only ten years old when his father had taken him into a battle for survival. Vang Khan remembered this and therefore this is why he offered my land, my people and myself protection while a Regent and my mother handled the daily afairs of the clan.


And this is certainly not the only good deed attributed to Vang Khan; at least in the writings of the Christians who seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time wandering around Turkmenistan, the Tartary and Persia.


At first this fellow called Prester John was imagined to reside in India; tales of the Nestorian Christians’ evangelistic success there and of Thomas the Apostle’s subcontinental travels probably provided the first seeds of the legend. After we Mongols invaded your Western world, accounts placed Prestor John in Central Asia and eventually Portuguese explorers convinced themselves that they had found him in Ethiopia.

So – – – according to letters written by various Christian Missionaries – – – to the Pope and various European Kings – – – Vang Khan had been converted to the ways of Christ. The missionaries renamed him Prester John, apparently some variation of Presbyter or Presbyterian. Some even said that Vang Khan – – – or Prester John, if that is your preference – – – wrote a letter to the King of France offering him a great kingdom as well as his loyal service to said king – – – or so said the Christian writings, the Nestorian Tales, the Portuguese explorers and the biography of Thomas the Apostle.


PRESTER JOHN aka Vang Khan  aka Prefte John

In all such letters Vang Khan – – – Prester John – – – reigned over a wide piece of territory and had named his capital city Karakorom.


It took me ten days to travel to Karakorom when I was exiled.


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