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Well – – – you can very well imagine where all this animosity was headed. Yes! My way.


There was a very powerful chieftain named Yemuka. Yemuka had his eyes on Vang Khan’s daughter Wisulujine. In fact Yemuka made a bad assumption. He thought that Wisulujine was his for the asking.



However, when I arrived, Wisulujine found my handsomeness and youth much more attractive than the old face of Yemuka.




So she told her father that I was her choice and that he had to convey the message to the old chieftain. Yemuka was not too pleased with this turn of events.


Yemuka gathered as many supporters as he could. They were made up of those who were jealous of me and were willing to make up lies about me. These men obtained private meetings with Vang Khan to spin their webs of deceit. There were many meetings with a variety of chiefs, sub-chiefs and princes. But I had made many friends within the court of Vang Khan – – – thanks to my boundless courage and energy.



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