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It seemed as though these enemies were on the brink of failure. Vang Khan would listen to no more of their lies.


This did not stop them.


These chieftains went to all the border territories that surrounded Vang Kahn’s dominion. Eventually, they gathered a sufficient number of troops to make their plan feasible.


They all took an oath not to rest until Vang Khan and I had been slain. This oath took the form of a ritual.


Several dogs and oxen were gathered into a circle of men. With their swords drawn they leaped upon the animals and cut them to pieces in the most furious manner. While doing this they cried out “Hear! Oh God! Oh heaven! O Earth! The oath that we swear to is this. Vang Khan and Temujin shall not be spared by any of us. If any of us fail in this oath then we shall be cut to pieces like these animals have.”


They uttered and repeated this oath in a vary solemn manner as they stood among the pieces and blood of the dead beasts


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