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I approached Vang Khan with a proposal.


I would take all of my troops and half of his to meet the enemy before they were prepared. Vang Khan agreed to my plan as long as I left half of his troops behind to protect his capital city of Karakorom.


The trip took several days and we did surprise the enemy. However, they delayed the fighting by continually retreating and then moving to the side. They definitely were ill prepared to meet us in battle. There were many maneuvers and counter-maneuvers which the enemy employed while hoping that reinforcements would appear.


Then something surprised me. Vang Khan and a contingent of travel worn troops appeared on the battlefield. Vang Khan reported that as soon as I had departed Karakorom several hundred troops from another part of the Tartary had invaded the capital city.


A decision had to be made; stay and fight this battle or return to Karakorom in order to retake it.


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