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After listening to Vang Khan and the full details of the invasion of Karakorom I told him that I would take revenge for this deed by conquering all of his enemies. “But first” I said, “We must engage the enemy here so as not to give them a moral victory and risk the chance that they would attack us from the rear.” Vang Khan agreed and I yielded his troops back to him.


Vang Kahn commanded half of his troops and gave control of the other half to a second chieftain. I commanded my own troops.


The battle swung back and forth which caused us to become concerned with the outcome. I led my troops into a side maneuver which caused the enemy to be separated from each other. We slashed and cut our way through hundreds of the enemy and this not only gave morale to my troops but also encouraged Vang Khans troops to attack with a fury. We drove the enemy – – the few of them that remained alive – – back into their own territory.


It was now time to consider the retaking of Karakorom.


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