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My reputation as a warrior was now at the highest point. Vang Khan took me aside and told me that he would rest with peace now that I was at his side.


We had driven the enemy to distant lands and it was now time to return to the capital city of Karakorom. Vang Khan had sent a party to the capital city to determine its state of affairs. When they returned the news was far from good. Vang Khans brother had installed himself in Vang Khan’s place. The brothers name was Erkekara. In fact, it turned out that Erkekara had been in instigator behind the battle we had just fought. He had been fomenting revenge against both Vang Khan and I. He had been jealous of me ever since Vang Khan had allowed me protection within his court.


It was also learned that Erkekara had become the titular head of the party that was in power after Vang Khan had departed. The question before us now was how to dispose of Erkekara.


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