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I began to formulate plans for the disposal of Erkekara. The first step was to concentrate my forces into a single group. After that was accomplished I took a large contingent of my troops with me to visit a number of surrounding clans. My strategy was to convince these various clans to join me in the retaking of the capital city of Karakorom and the disposal of Erkekara. News of my recent glorious victory in the very bloody battle preceded me. Of course, the large contingent of troops that accompanied me on these visits appeared to have an effect on the negotiations; as I had assumed they would.


The rebels continued to be instigated by Erkekara. They, once again, gathered themselves together while Erkekara gathered large stores of weapons and food in Karakorom.


Several months had passed while all this was occurring.


Vang Khan and I were finally able to lead our newly gathered forces into battle against Erkekara. We were victorious.


Erkekara was spirited away by his troops. Whether dead or alive, we never knew.


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