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My reputation in the court of Vang Khan was at its zenith. Vang Khan relied on me to protect Karakorom. I was also known as a very brave soldier and the armies that gathered around the territory of Karakorom often invited me to feasts and also to encourage their troops.


I had three wives at the time and had grown to the ripe old age of twenty-three. Some of my wives stayed in Karakorom at one time or another.


There was no need for me to return to my homeland. It had remained stable under the control of the Regent and my mother. Also, it was a great military advantage to have Vang Khan’s troops and my troops gathered in one spot as a show of force.


As long as the word circulated, that Vang Khan was giving me and my territory protection, and that we had the troops to back it up, all remained in equilibrium. Vang Khan retained his throne.


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