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Vang Khan and I remained good friends. He protected my lands and I; while I gave him my protection as an excellent general with a contingency of well-trained troops.


Word had finally come back to us that Erkekara had been killed in the battle of Karakorom – – along with several important chieftains. Other lesser chieftains had combined forces and wandered wherever the best pastureland could be found; this in order to raise their sheep, build Yurts and have water nearby.


There were often minor skirmishes between various clans. There were no rules to follow and no idea of states because the nomadic life was never associated with one piece of land. The clans drifted this way and that from the plains to the mountains; always seeking new pasture lands, avoiding or inciting wars, sometimes sharing common boundaries, and in general having a very feeble concept of loyalty.


Most chieftains appeared – – at times – – to have held sway with Vang Khan and this was to his advantage.


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