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Yemuka! Remember him? He was the fellow from who I stole the princess, Vang Khan’s daughter. He had escaped from Karakorom during the battle when Vang Khan regained his throne. Yemuka had never forgotten the loss of the princess and his anger with me had turned to vengeance. He had hidden himself among various tribes as he planned a war against me.



Yemuka had formed a friendship one of Vang Khan’s sons who had an axe to grind with his own father. This son’s name was Sankum. Some called him Sunghim or other various pronunciations; depending on the dialect of the speaker.


Yemuka and Sankum entered into secret negotiations after Yemuka had contrived to get Sankum on his side. Sankum had been convinced that I had taken his place in Vang Khan’s court. Therefore, they both had reason to dispose of me and retake their mistakenly rightful position.


It was reported that Yemuka had told Sankum “This newcomer, Temujin, is not only interfering with and curtailing your proper influence and consideration at the moment, but his design is – – eventually – – to circumvent and supplant you altogether. He has plans for making himself the sole heir of your father’s riches and influence, thereby robbing you of your rightful inheritance.”


I personally think that they also had designs on disposing of Vang Khan and simply taking over his throne.


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