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I made sure that Vang Khan knew I was on his side. What he thought of Yemuka and Sankum’s tales was up to them to weave.


The best way to keep on Vang Khan’s good side was to support him in his efforts and to keep the enemy away from his door. I did this by patrolling the outer edges of his territory. I controlled a large contingent of troops. Some of these were from my own territory and I also had a small contingent of special guards who protected me. In addition, Vang Khan allotted some of his troops to me. Also, there were several hundred more who were volunteers. They had heard of my military leadership and decided to voluntarily join me.


I had four generals – – – also khans – – – who were loyal to me. I named these four “My Intrepids.”


With this large contingent I roamed the perimeter of Vang Khan’s territory. Our battles were sometimes to protect out pastures, at other times we battled for vengeance, for plunder or retaliation.

These forays took us into the mountains and at other times into the valleys or distant plains.


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