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I was a favorite among my men, but others feared me. I could be merciless if an enemy was merciless with any clan who had pledged honor to Vang Khan. Many rumors and lies were voiced about me. That was fine with me; the more fear I could instill in others the less battles I had to fight.


One such rumor was that I once had captured an entire clan. It had been said that after I had sold all the children and women into slavery and had slaughtered all the animals in order to feed my troops, it was time to deal with the leaders. Now remember – – – this is what has been said. I neither admit it nor do I deny it. The story worked in my favor.


As the story goes, I filled several cauldrons with water and then built a fire under each one. Once the water was boiling I threw each of the leaders into the cauldrons – – – head first. True story or not, I sort of liked the reputation that I earned with it. Like I said, fear is a great motivator.


I have heard that Yemuka and Sankum often repeated this story in order to spread lies about me. How stupid they were. The stories only made other clans more fearful of me than they were of Yemuka and Sankum.



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