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Yemuka, Sankum and others did their best to undermine my standing in the court of Vang Khan. However, Vang Kahn new that I was doing his bidding and that he could depend upon me. On the other hand Vang Kahn knew very well about the success of my military exploits. This made him nervous – – – he also knew quite well that it was not good to have an underling who had the military power to unseat him; even though I had no such intentions.


I later learned that Vang Khan had become so concerned about my military prowess that he had considered cutting off my supply lines coming from Karakorom. He was quickly advised that I did not need any supply lines because I was feeding my troops with the plunder I gathered during my forays in the mountains and plains.


Yemuka, once more, attempted another ploy. He told Vang Khan that I was planning an attack against Vang Khan’s troops in a certain location. Vang Khan rushed off to that location only to be attacked by  some of Yemuka’s friends. One of Vang Khan’s emissaries broke away and a message was sent to me that Vang Khan needed protection.



I wasted no time in reaching Vang Khan’s side and winning the battle. This made Vang Khan realize that I was on his side and our good relationship was firmly settled.


Poor Yemuka, he was so stupid!

As a show of strong relationship one of my sons was pledged to marry a daughter of Vang Khan and one of Vang Khan’s sons was pledged to marry one of my daughters.


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