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While Menglik was searching for me Vang Khan continued with his plans to kill me.


He sent an ambassador to inform me that it was time for the double marriage of our children that we had agreed to earlier. I believed that Vang Khan was showing his faith in me. Little did I realize what the true meaning of this invitation was for.


Luckily Menglik found me as I was on my way to Karakorom for the wedding celebration. I had a large contingent of troops with me but not enough to handle the job at hand.


I sent a scout to find Vang Khan’s ambassador in order to call him back. The ambassador returned and I informed him that there was an important battle to be fought. I told him to return to Vang Khan and tell him that I would be delayed and would return to Karakorom as soon as the battle was won.


I returned to my main camp where my four Intrepid Generals were. Each of them controlled a division of troops.


Karasher, who had been at my side ever since I left Karakorom, was also at my main camp.



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