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I had many friends and loyal followers in Karakorom.


I needed them in order to determine what Vang Khan had in mind for me.


Two slaves took care of the horses and falcons owned by Vang Khan. One day they heard Vang Khan tell one of his wives about the plan to kill me. The following was his assumption and plan.


Because I had evaded the trap he set for me regarding the double marriage of our sons and daughters, Vang Khan had rightly assumed that there was treachery in his own court. Vang Khan had no choice but to assemble an army much larger than what I had assembled at my camp. He also planned on attacking my camp at night while we were unprepared.


His plan also included killing me and my four Intrepid Generals – – – amongst others.


Vang Khan planned to set out on his expedition the very next morning.



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