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The two slaves who had heard Vang Khan making plans to kill me decided to take action.

Their names were Badu and Kishlik.

They set out on the same night that they had heard of Vang Khan’s evil plan.

They stole away at night and headed for my camp. After riding all night they reached my camp by daybreak and told me of the plan to assassinate me and my Intrepid Generals.

I was stunned by the news although I had an inkling of what was about to take place.

Immediately I summoned Karasher and my four generals for a consultation on what may be the best plan on combatting Vang Khan’s troops.





A strategy was formed.

I would take the majority of my troops and hide them. This would give me a chance to ambush Vang Khan’s troops at the same time that they thought that they were ambushing me at night.

I left several troops behind to keep the campfires lit and a few horses whinnying to make my camp seem as though it was fully populated.

I knew that Vang Khan’s forces would have many more troops than I had at my disposal – – – however – – – the reverse ambush would certainly surprise them and create confusion.

In this way I hoped they would be put to flight.



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