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It was in the year of your lord 1202 that Vang Khan decided that I was becoming too powerful. He planned to ambush my camp at night and kill me.


However, I sent all the women and children away and had all the goods of our camp removed to a distant site. I then left a small contingency of men to keep the campfires going so that Vang Khan’s troops would think we were still in the camp and asleep.


Next, I selected a small canyon in the mountains as my hiding place. All of my remaining troops were sequestered in this canyon. It had a small babbling brook running through it and trees at both ends of the canyon. The trees would obscure us from sight and the brook would drown out any accidental noises made by my troops and horses.


Even better – – – one end of the canyon looked out upon the path that Vang Khan’s troops would have to pass.


My ambush, like a trap, was set to be sprung.


No sooner had my troops and their horses settled in place – – – when Vang Khan’s troops approached.


But wait – – – Vang Khan was not to be seen! Instead, Yemuka and Sankum were at the head of the small army.












Apparently, it was these two ignoramuses who had talked Vang Khan into attacking my camp. They were surely pleased to find themselves at my camp and ready to destroy me once and for all.



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