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Tayian, having heard truth of the rapid manner in which I was extending my conquests and power, began to be somewhat jealous of me, and to think that it was time to take measures to prevent me from expanding my territory.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Of course, Tayian held a great many conversations with Yemuka in respect to my character and plans. Yemuka took care to represent me in the most unfavorable light, in order to increase as much as possible Tayian’s feelings of suspicion and jealousy.



Yemuka represented me as a very ambitious man, full of schemes for my own aggrandizement, and without a heart, any sentiments of gratitude or of honor to restrain my quest in the execution of my plans. He threw wholly upon me the responsibility of the war with Vang Khan. It grew, he said, out of plots which I had formed to destroy both Vang Khan and his son, not considering the great obligations I had been under for their kindness to me in my misfortunes.


Yemuka urged Tayian to arouse himself, before it was too late, to guard himself from the danger.


“He is your son, it is true,” said he, “and he professes to be your friend, but he is so treacherous and unprincipled that you can place no reliance upon him whatever, and, notwithstanding all your past kindness to him, and the tie of relationship which ought to bind him to you, he will as readily form plans to compass your destruction as he would of any other man the moment he imagines that you stand in the way of  the accomplishment of his ambitious schemes.”


These representations, acting upon Tayian’s natural apprehensions and fears, produced a very strong effect, and at length Tayian was induced to take some measures for defending himself from the threatened danger. So, he opened negotiations with the khans of various tribes which he thought likely to join him, and soon formed quite a powerful league of the enemies of myself, and of all who were willing to join in an attempt to restrict my power.


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