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At length, the time arrived for the grand assembly of the khans to be convened. I called the meeting, not at Karakorom, the capital, but at a central spot in the interior of the country, called Dilon Ildak. Such a spot was much more convenient than any town or city would have been for the place of meeting, because the great troops of horses and the herds of animals by which the khans were always accompanied in all their expeditions, and which made it necessary that, whenever any considerable number of them were to be convened, the place chosen should be suitable for a grand encampment, with extensive and fertile pasture-grounds extending all around. As the several khans came in, each at the head of his own troop of retainers and followers, they severally chose their ground, pitched their tents, and turned their herds of horses, sheep, and oxen out to pasture on the plains.


Thus, during a few days, the whole country in every direction became dotted with villages of tents, among which groups of horsemen were now and then to be seen galloping to and fro, and small herds of cattle, each under the care of herdsmen and slaves, moved slowly,cropping the grass as they advanced along the hill-sides and through the valleys. At length, when all had assembled, a spot was selected in the center of the encampment for the performance of the ceremonies. A raised seat was prepared for me. It was suitable and enabled me to address the assembly from it.


Before and around this the various khans and their attendants and followers gathered, and I gave them an grand oration. I explained the circumstances under which they had come together, and announced to them my plans and intentions in respect to the future. I also stated to them that, in consequence of the victories which I had gained through their co-operation and assistance, the foundation of a great empire had been laid, and that I had now called them together in order that they might join with me in organizing the required government for such a dominion, and in electing a prince or sovereign to rule over it.


I called upon them first to proceed to the election of this ruler. The khans accordingly proceeded to the election.


This was, in fact, only a form, for I myself was, of course, to be chosen.


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