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Genghis Khan, or “GREAT KHAN OF ALL KHANS” as you should now call me, having thus been proclaimed by the acclamations of the people under the new title with which the old prophet had invested me, sat upon my throne while my subjects came to pay their homage. First the khans themselves came up, and kneeled nine times before me, in token of their absolute and complete submission to my authority.


After the khans had finished paying respect to me the people themselves came, and made their loyalty in the same manner. As they rose from their knees after the last prostration, they made the air resound once more with their shouts, crying ” Long live great Genghis Khan!” in repeated and prolonged acclamations. After this I made my inaugural address.


The khans and their followers gathered once more before my throne while I delivered an oration to them, in which I thanked them for the honor which they had done me in raising me to the supreme power, and announced to them the principles by which I should be guided in the government of my empire. I promised to be just in my dealings with my subjects, also to be merciful. I would defend them, I said, against all their enemies. I would do everything in my power to promote their wellbeing and happiness. I would lead them to honor and glory, and would make their names known throughout the world. I would deal impartially, too, with all the different tribes and hordes, and would treat the Mongols and the Tartars, the two great classes of my subjects, with equal favor.

When the speech was finished I distributed presents to all the subordinate khans, both great and small. I also ordered magnificent entertainments, which went on for several days. After this we feasted and rejoiced, the khans one after another said goodbye to me. The great encampment was broken up, and the different tribes set out on their return to their various homes.



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