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Khwarazmia was governed by Shah Al-Din Muhammad.

I immediately saw the potential advantage in Khwarazmia as a commercial trading partner using the Silk Road, and I initially sent a 500-man caravan to establish official trade ties with the empire.

I then sent a second group of ambassadors (Mongols and Muslims) to meet with the Shah. My main ambassador was escorted to a private room where the Shah interrogated him.

“Tell me” said the shah, “has Genghis Khan really made all these supposed conquests and is he as powerful and his territory as extensive as is said?”

My ambassador replied, “It is the truth, Your Majesty.” And he continued, “He is as powerful as you have heard, Your Majesty, and you will soon find out if you cause difficulty with him.”

The Shah became livid with hearing such a braggadocios comment.

The Shah screamed “I do not know what your master intends by sending such flagrant messages to me. He is not my father and I am not his son. Does he think he will intimidate me with messages of great conquests and tales of such a wide empire? I will not honor him because of these wild stories.”

My ambassador realized he was on dangerous ground and softened his message.

I then sent three merchants as my ambassadors, one of them a Muslim, to discuss farther matters with the Shah.

Once again, they attempted to convince the Shah that I was indeed as powerful as my ambassador had said.

The Shah had all the men shaved and the Muslim man beheaded; the shah sent this head back to me with the two remaining ambassadors.

My Ambassador

This was an affront and insult to me.

Outraged, I planned one of my largest invasion campaigns by organizing together around 100,000 soldiers, my most capable generals and some of my sons. I left a commander and number of troops in China, designated my successors to be only my family members and appointed my son, Jughi, to be my immediate successor in the event that something would happen to me. 

I then went directly to Khwarazmia.

Me; Marching on the Shah


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