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It was 1221 and I was terribly upset by the Shah of Khwarazmia who had deeply insulted me.


The Mongol army under I, The Great Genghis Khan, my generals, and my sons crossed the Tien Shan mountains by entering the area controlled by the Khwarazmian Empire. After compiling intelligence from many sources, I carefully prepared my army, which was divided into three groups. my son Jughi led the first division into the northeast of Khwarazmia.


The second division under The Arrow marched secretly to the southeast part of Khwarazmia to form, with the first division, a pincer attack on Samarkand. The third division under myself and Tolui marched to the northwest and attacked Khwarazmia from that direction.

The Shah’s army was split by diverse internal feuds and by the Shah’s decision to divide his army into small groups concentrated in various cities. I watched in amazement as the Khwarezmi Shah, Jalal ad-Din’s Army fell apart at the seams. This fragmentation was decisive in Khwarazmia’s defeats, as it allowed my Mongols, although exhausted from the long journey, to immediately set about defeating small fractions of the Khwarazmian forces instead of facing a unified defense. My Mongol army quickly seized the town of Otrar, relying on superior strategy and tactics that I executed.

I ordered the wholesale massacre of many of the civilians, enslaved the rest of the population and executed Kushluk by pouring molten silver into his ears and eyes, as retribution for his actions. Near the end of the battle the Shah fled rather than surrender. I allowed two years for The Arrow to hunt him down and gave him 20,000 men to do this. The Shah died under mysterious circumstances on a small island within his empire.

My conquest, even by my standards, was brutal. After the capital Samarkand fell, the capital was moved to Bukhara by the remaining men, while I ordered two of my generals and their forces to completely destroy the remnants of the Khwarazmian Empire, including not only royal buildings, but entire towns, populations, and vast swaths of farmland.


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