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I died in August 1227, during the fall of Yinchuan, which is the capital of Western Xia. The exact cause of my death remains a mystery to such people as Vickie Pedia. Intermittently as well as variously, she attributes it to my being killed in action against the Western Xia, illness, falling from my horse, or wounds sustained in hunting accident (hunting accident such as; I was cleaning my bow and arrow and didn’t realize it was loaded;  IT WENT OFF!)

According to The Secret History of the Mongols (and other cocka-maimy-conspiracy theories), I fell from my horse while hunting and died because of the injury.  Does anyone believe that after conquering the entire known world while astride a horse that I would fall off my trusty steed while hunting? They offer the wild story that I was already old and tired from my journeys. This is pure cognitive dissonance if I ever heard it.

The Galician–Volhynian Chronicle alleges I was killed by the Western Xia in battle, while Marco Polo wrote that I died after the infection of an arrow wound received during my final campaign.

Now who are you going to believe; a crazy Ukrainian or “Marco the Embellisher?”

Hells bells; no one is sure where or who wrote the Galician-Volhynian Chronical or if it was the original; to wit:

The Galician–Volhynian Chronicle is a historical record covering 1201–1292 regarding the history of a principality in modern Ukrainia. The original chronicle did not survive; the oldest known copy is in the Hypatian Codex.The compiler of the Galician–Volhynian Chronicle attempted to justify Galician claims to the Principality of Kiev. The first part of the chronicle (Daniel of Galicia chronicle) was written in Kholm, Germany and possibly by a boyar; Dionisiy Pavlovich (yet another wanna-be prince). My deepest thanks to Vickie Pedia for this fine insight!

Later Mongol chronicles connect my death with a Western Xia princess taken as war booty. One chronicle from the early 17th century even relates the legend that the princess hid a small dagger and stabbed me, though some Mongol authors have doubted this version and suspected it to be an invention by the rival Oirads. Boy-oh-boy; those Oirads sure are a hoot.

Years before my death, I asked to be buried without markings, according to the customs of my tribe. After I died, my body was returned to Mongolia to my birthplace in Khentii Aimag, where I am buried close to the Onon River and the Burkhan Khaldun mountains. I ordered the entire funeral escort killed and anyone else killed that came across their path.

 I did this to conceal where I was finally buried. I didn’t want anyone else digging up dirt on me!  Get it? I made a bit of morbid humor. He-he.

Maybe that is why people say I am an evil man; because I could kill others even after my own death.

Well – – – that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

Thanks to Jacob Abbott and Vickie Pedia I have been able to remember most of it.

Always good to go out with a bang!